Seven White Lillies Duet

AKA: The Kate Series

Kate: The Novel - New parents, Janelle and Daniel have their life flipped upside down when Daniel's mother, Kate gets more than a little greedy and secrets come out. Everything they thought they knew was a lie and things just don't seem to let up. Is Kate who she says she is?

Kate The Novel is available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and soon-to-be audiobook!

Take: The Prequel - When things go horribly wrong in life, you often find yourself wondering why...or how...someone ended up the way they did. This upcoming release in the Kate Series answers many of these questions. From why Kate (Georgia Brunswick) went insane, to why Eric seemed to still be keeping some of her secrets. It tells the love story of Eric and Helen, the couple we only heard stories about, but never got to see with our own eyes.

Take The Prequel is set to release late 2023.

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