Oregon Author Publishes New Novel

Willamette Valley, Oregon local and social media influencer releases long-awaited novel!

Kaylee McGinnis first began gaining notoriety when a TikTok video went viral, claiming over 34 million views. Following the release of that viral skit, she began creating content about her fictional toxic mother-in-law, Kate. Finally, after months of anticipation, the book based on the skits is finally here!

What started as merely a set of skits on social media, Kaylee McGinnis has created a thrilling and attention-grabbing novel detailing the fictional story of the world’s worst mother-in-law! “I wanted to put pieces of me and my real life in here. It’s kind of like an Easter Egg for those that know me in real life and know what I have been through,” Kaylee says in one of her videos about the fictionality of the written work.

Kate: The Novel is a fictional mystery/crime/drama novel about two new parents, Daniel and Janelle, who come home from the hospital with their newborn, only to be bombarded by Daniel’s mother, Kate, who begins to seem obsessed with their newborn child. Through this interaction, the first domino falls, and Daniel and Janelle are presented with information that changes the course of their lives in a direction neither of them ever could have imagined. Love, loss, and heartbreak plague the family as they endure the impact of their new reality and have to find their place in this new forced dynamic. With epic arrests, shocking twists, and a love story facing every obstacle, this book will undoubtedly get you feeling every emotion.

Since the end of 2022, Kaylee has created a series of over one hundred skits on the viral video platform TikTok that has since been turned into a full-length novel that captivates her readers. With many of them being daughters-in-law themselves, she has had several people relate to the story and seek it out as a way to cope with their own toxic in-laws. To better engage with her community, Kaylee even began hosting what she called “Toxic Tuesday,” a live-streamed event on Social Media where she selflessly turned over her platform to those who needed an outlet to talk about their experiences with toxic people in their lives, helping others in the ways she knew she could. “I have a large platform; it would be selfish only to use it for my own personal gain. I wanted to help other people, too, not just myself. And I’ve been there—in their shoes. So I just wanted people to know they weren’t alone,” Kaylee said when talking about why she chose to start Toxic Tuesday.

“I loved the book! I finished it in less than 24 hours!” – @crimson_october on TikTok

“I started reading this last night and didn’t want to put it down but didn’t want to finish it too quickly.” - @amandamillermidwest on TikTok

“LOVE the ending! Can’t wait for more!” - @robinhoffman1963 on TikTok

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of Kate: The Novel, click the link below to find it at your favorite online retailer.

Click here to get yours!

For more information, please visit thekayleemcginnis.com 

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